4512/4534 Thermostatic Diverting Valve (Solar)

10 bar max
100°C max
The diverter valve basic function is to divert the water coming from the solar water storage directly to use or to the secondary storage system for integration according to the set temperature. It is locked and preset at (45°C)
  • Code: 4512 CAP (1˝) - TAIL (1/2˝) / Code: 4534 CAP (1˝) - TAIL (3/4˝)
  • Resistance Alloy (DZR). Hot forged brass CW602N, chrome plated
  • Non-return Valve and Filter at the solar inlet
  • Suitable for drinkable water
  • Operating accuracy +/- 2°C
  • Flow Rate Kv (m3/h): 1.4

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