As industry, we have been designing, producing, optimizing and customizing for over 30 years. Our partners and customers trust in our reliability, competence, quality and high-performance infrastructure. Engineering, design, laboratory, production and test benches are concentrated in our headquarters in Greece. This enables us to implement innovative ideas for you quickly and simply and cost efficient.


We offer everything from a single source, from finding ideas, creation and production of prototypes, product development and differentiated product design to flexible production and technical support. We introduce new methods of modernization, higher efficiency, and system control.


The HVAC industry is a worldwide enterprise; however we also offer OEM and VAR services to other sectors as well such as the automotive, railway and HORECA industry. Your requirements are the starting point for our partnership. Your needs are at the center of our efforts.


Our mission is to provide competitive products that are best performing and most cost effective. Brass Form SPA offers you individual advice, development and planning, state of the art engineering and design capability, the production of high-quality products, prompt delivery and reliable service readiness. The highly committed collaboration between all our employees enables us to meet our high product quality standards and to satisfy our customers expectations.

About us

Brass Form was founded in 1990 and in its 30 years of existence, focuses on the study, design and production of valves and fittings for water heating installations. The company's course of progress and its dynamic perspective are supported by continuous investment in human capital, modern mechanical equipment, and its reliable and certified suppliers' network, all of which result today in the company being a purely Greek and up-to-date production company with an extensive range of high-performance products.

Besides our traditional solutions which cover heating and plumbing installations requirements, we constantly evolve the last years our products range by continuously researching, studying, and evaluating the current trends and manufacturing our products entirely in Greece.

The automatic filling unit, the pressure reducer, the magnetic dirt separator and the pioneer thermostatic mixing and diverting valve (solar kit), together with the company's already well known innovative solutions like the zone valves, the manifolds and the press connection system, stand out because of their high technology and simultaneously upgrade and define Brass Form as a producer who covers all contemporary needs and requirements about the environmental protection, regarding energy saving and supporting the alternative energy sources, having the initial aim and goal of respecting the human being.

Through our company's basic operating principles, as well as the general corporate culture of our personnel, we attend to the strengthening and the prospective development of our collaboration, maintaining simultaneously the sobriety, the professionality and the honesty within our relationship.

We continuously research and study the current trends of the sector, aiming to the constant evolution and development of our products, and offering integrated and innovative solutions with procedures certified by recognized organizations.

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